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This special handling, dual compound tire is a collaboration with the legendary Terrible One. This proprietary blend of compounds provides for the fastest and grippiest tire out there. The hard compound on top provides a lower rolling resistance while the soft compound on the outside provides increased corner grip. Whether you are on the street, park or pool this tire has you covered. 

Animal Terrible One Tire

Colour: Black
    • Ursa Minor: 20" x 2.20"

         Inflated Size: 58mm / 2.28"

         OD: 526mm / 20.7"

         Weight: 770gm / 27.2oz

         Pressure: 110 psi


    • Ursa Major: 20" x 2.40"

         Inflated Size: 62mm / 2.448"

         OD: 533mm / 21"

         Weight: 820gm / 28.9oz

         Pressure: 110 psi

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