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DISMEMBER 4pc Bars come in size 9.5″. Flatland friendly backsweep, 5° and upsweep 4°. However, 5° reveals itself to be also great when taking all of your hang 5, nose wheelie and whiplash skills to the street or park. And when testing these bars, we were also surprised at how good they feel when doing airs on any kind of transition…

Dismember Bars

    • Material: 4130 CrMo, heat treated, multi butted
    • Bar-Design: 4-piece
    • Height: 9.5"
    • Width: 28.5"
    • Backsweep: 5°
    • Upsweep: 4°
    • Clamping: 22.2mm
    • Weight: 760g
    • Recommended for: Street or Flatland
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