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The Federal Bikes "Aero XL" BMX Rim is currently one of the widest rims in the market with a width of 40mm. It was designed to follow the general trend of using wider and wider BMX tyres (2.2" - 2.5"). Since most riders are now riding without brakes, Federal decided on an oval design to develop an extra stable rim. Due to the added depth of the oval shape, it makes the Federal Bikes "Aero XL" BMX Rim also more resistant to so-called flat spots, which can be caused by hard impacts. The Federal Bikes "Aero XL" BMX Rim comes with a rim tape.

Federal Aero XL Rim

Colours: Black
    • Material: 6066-T6 aluminum
    • Wall: Double wall
    • Connection: Welded
    • Holes: 36H
    • Widht: 40mm
    • Hight: 22mm
    • Extras: Extra wide, very strong rim, includes Federal Bikes 35mm Rim Strip, offers a 2.5" inch wide tires better profile properties
    • Weight: 570g
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