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The Tree headset cap bolt has a very low height head and radius on the edge, which is very safe. 
Most original bolts that come with forks are big and ugly so we wanted to make something that was nice to look at. When your bike looks nice it makes you want to ride it.

Hex Key: ¼” stepped to a 6mm Allen Key hole. This allows the use of either a standard or a metric Allen key for the same bolt. The reason for this was to make adjusting the headset tension less of a hassle, since the bolt it's replacing is usually something that requires a crescent wrench. Our bolt allows the use of just one tool whether you have a stem with ¼" or 6mm bolts. This is all in the pursuit of having fewer tools to lug around. The Allen key hole can withstand 55 lb/ft before distorting when the tool is properly seated.

H18 Pressure Cap

    • H18
    • Fit some: Failure (’06 and on), Macneil blazer 2(and older), Odyssey (’06 and earlier), Snafu, Sunday morning 1 & night 1 forks, We The People forks (’03 to ’07), Cult Sect Fork 
    • 7075 T6 aluminum 
    • ¼" stepped to a 6mm universal allen key hole 
    • Usually lighter than stock headset cap bolts
    • Weight: 0.1oz / 4g
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