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As bikes get lighter and lighter bigger bars have becoming more popular. Taller and wider bars slow down the movements made by the rider which makes the bike feel more stable and in control, while at the same time giving the rider more leverage to throw the bike around.


Moto bars have a large 2.5”/70mm radius at the grip bend and at the stem making these the strongest bars compared to other major brands in our laboratory tests.


The handlebars are internally threaded on the ends for use with Tree barends that thread directly into the bars and stay put. But can be used with all other barends too.


The bars have cut marks every 5mm as guide for cutting the bars down in width.

Moto Bar

    • 13 butted 4130 heat treated chromoly tubing
    • 9” rise tall
    • 29.5” width
    • 12º back sweep
    • 1º up sweep
    • Pre-threaded for use with Tree Bar ends 
    • Can be cut down to minimum of 25” wide
    • Weight : 804 grams
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