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Boqer 123 released the first collab seats with ProperBikeCo, which was an incredible treat. After they were sold out, they started working on new colourways:


Brown and Black if you like to be subtle and understated. They have gone with a fat shaped seat with a little less padding on top for the best combination of comfort and good looks.


Tripod design was chosen because;

  • It looks cleaner without a slit on top of the seat.
  • The Tripod post provides more support to the base, making for a stronger seat seat up
  • The seat sits a little further back on a Tripod (which we prefer).
  • The Tripod system is noticeably lighter

Proper Tripod BQR Debossed Seat

    • Improved bumpers for durablity
    • Diameter 25.4mm
    • Fit Tripod post only
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