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Stebson grips are our latest entry into the grip market, utilizing the best elements from previous grips to create something unique. At first glance the Stebson may resemble a fairly standard ‘mushroom’ style grip that could have been made any time over the last 30 years, however, look a little closer and you’ll start to notice subtle differences. Better still, grab a pair and you’ll notice straight away.

Stebson’s use shark’s fin technology……the fins are much finer than a traditional mushroom style grip and they’re pointed rather than rounded. This means the grips are softer at the point of contact, stronger near the core, and thinner than any previous mushroom grip without compromising durability.

Proper Stebson Grips

    • Removable flanges with cut guides
    • Plastic press-fit bar ends
    • 160mm length
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