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The guard is made of 4140 Chromoly CNC machined and heat treated to be strong and grind fast.


The modular design uses replaceable inserts that can be used to make the hub either a universal fit where it can be assembled on top of the current axle cone of your hub. Or it can be used with our brand specific insert that replaces the stock axle cone and does not spread out your dropouts.


It replaceable and protects the spokes on a hub from damage during grinding.

Tree Bicycle Modular Front Hub Guard

Colour: Black
    • 4140 Chromoly CNC machined and heat treated
    • Modular Design comes with a universal insert to fit all hubs.
    • Brand specific inserts sold separately replace your axle cone so that it does not spread your dropouts.
    • Weigh 1.6oz / 43g
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